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Island Instrumentsの歴史の中でもかなり早い段階からラインナップされており、後発のEspetoとの違いは見ての通りヘッドレスか否か。



しかしながらYoutube等でサウンドを聴いていただけるとIsland Instrumentsの根底にある拘りと透明感のあるサウンドはしっかり感じていただけると思いますので是非ご参考いただければ幸いです。



・Body/Neck Woods: I have a sizable collection of domestic and reclaimed timbers, and I am continuously acquiring more.   

 Contact me to know more about my stock as well as any special pieces I may have.
・Body: Standard body woods include Sitka Spruce, Yellow Cedar, Western Red Cedar, Reclaimed Doug Fir or Redwood.

 Hollowbody construction is available.
・Top: Buckeye Burl, Redwood, Walnut, Curly Maple or Spalted Maple.
・Neck: Quartersawn Poplar or Doug Fir are standard. Maples (plain, Birdseye or Curly), Flamed Birch, Rosewood, Mahogany

    and many others are available options. Necks come reinforced with deep set dual carbon fiber tubes.
・Fretboard: Bound, ebonized Black Locust is standard. Contact me for other options. EVO fretwire is standard on all

       instruments with brass hardware. Fretboards are reinforced with multi-laminate carbon fiber.
・Tuners: Waverly
・Pickup: ISLAND Proprietary singlecoil or BarBucker by MOJO Pikcups
・Bridge: ISLAND floating bridge & saddle, custom made by Mark Kett
・Jack: Switchcraft USA or Neutrik locking
・Nut: Bone, Aluminium, Brass or Verawood.


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